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Balsa woblers

Dr Buda's balsa products are in the exact shape of the fish, total 3-D imitation.

Density of balsa on the surface and in the middle is identical and internal and external protection impregnate the wood so that it is protected from wather but keeps all positive characteristics of balsa.

Metal-plastic rattle with steel balls gives a muffled vibration and sound frequency. Those wobblers imitate healthy fish with their movements.Click to enlarge

Especially jointed ones, which have a special joint that can not be seen, vibrate with the back part of the body and attract fish.

The balance of weight guarantee stability even when water changes its speed. Those hand made and hand colored products are packed only in massive hard made and wax protected oak boxes which gives them a new dimension of undisputed quality of Dr Buda's lures for undisputed enjoyment in fishing.

Tipes of a lip


The family run business Blue Crane is producing collectible, totally hand made balsa lures, for undisputed enjoyment in fishing. The best materials, exquisite performance and limited editions are main characteristics of this Dr Buda’s products. For this lures we use only best quality balsa that is handle, protected, adjoined and colored manually. Material four times protected, exceptional armature, paint for special assignment, hand maid color schemes, special lacquer, new designed bikes, exclusive wooden boxes, all guaranty the quality that you have never seen before.

These collectible wobblers are packed in unique, massive oak wooden boxes with 3-D, hand made relief on the cover. If you demand perfection, we are sure that these wobblers will be your first choice.


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Color Schema: 01.Californian trout; 02. Perch; 03.Stream trout; 04. White chab; 05.Tench; 06. Blue chab; 07.Gudgeon

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