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Dr Buda's lures are special due to their work characteristics. Blue crane Company believes that the performances of the lures are crucial for fishing. Therefore, every product is tested in different weather conditions, varoius waters before being transformed to production. We guarantee that every product is highly successfull in fishing, leaving no doubts about its quality.

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Dr Buda's Sajga is a wobbler that made quite long ejection possible, as well as quality flight through the air and water and exquisite vibration. The frontal chamber and horizontal hall with chrome steel weight transfer enable this lure to fly with its tail forward, which brings to the most aerodynamic position. When it enters the water, the lure turns its beek forward. Deep working radius and quality frequence irritate the fish. When it comes to the obstacle, thanks to its hermetic parts and weight transfer, the wobbler makes a circle around its front, the beek and goes on through water. Large weight of such a small bait enables deep diving even in very demanding waters. The shimmering of transparent materials together with coloured parts enables the bait to multiply when vibrating, so that it can attract the most inactive fish.

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Thanks to its characteristic shape and weight, dr Buda's Dragon Fly can be ejected quite far, even 60 m with amazing accuracy. The spinning wings on the spinner's nose enables quality vibration. This combination of strimmer and spinner gives the best performances from both techniques to a fisherman, for extra-enjoyment fishing.


Dr Buda's balsa products have an adequate, natural shape of fish, total three-dimensioned imitation. These wobblers imitate healthy fish in water, while in two-part baits, due to a specific part that cannot be seen and that represents a break in body continuity, the vibration of the last part is quite functional when attracting fish. The stability in performance and in speed change is guarenteed by its weigh proportions.


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